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Electric Toothbrush Heads

Stock Up Your Toothbrush Container with Oral-B Compatible Electric Toothbrush Heads. Available in Five Styles. From Just $9 with Delivery Included

Just like your favourite shoes, your toothbrush head can get a little worn out, so be sure to replace them with these Oral-B Compatible Heads!

Available for numerous Oral-B models: standard Oral-B brushes or for Floss Action, TriZone, Dual Clean, 3D Pro White, Cross Action, Power Tip, Braces Care Ortho, Kids Versions, or Precision Clean brushes

These heads are designed to promote optimum oral hygiene and gum health with their gentle and flexible bristles

Sharing isn't caring when it comes to your toothbrush, so keep them on hand as spares, or give one to each member of the family

For your convenience, purchase any pack and get it delivered to you for no extra cost!

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