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Silver Belle Pinot Noir

Enjoy Complex and Unparalleled Flavour with a Dozen Silver Belle Pinot Noir Stocked in Your Cellar! Only $79 with Delivery Included (Valued At $199)

Enjoy a lighter and more complex red varietal this Summer with a dozen bottles of Silver Belle Pinot Noir

Capable of intoxicating aromas, and unparalleled complexity, Pinot Noir caresses rather than bludgeons, yet they are no less intense than other dry red wines despite their lighter colour

It is an excellent accompaniment to the classic cheese board as its silky tannins are often on the savoury side

Hailing from South Eastern Australia, this particular Pinot Noir has thrived in the cooler climate to express its full and deep flavours

Plus, we're even throwing in free delivery to your door because we want you to love your wine as much as we do! (Excludes NT)